Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hannah Greely at Parker Gallery


"An ominous commingling of humor and horror intensifies the communication breakdown of pictorial space."  "Greely turns language into legible sculpture, allowing us to read physical form."

Today, icons become confused with symbols, amputating the leg from the cheetah-dane you cleave the wholeness of its object-thought. Like a three-legged pup cutely hobbling with the sympathy we feel at its misaligned strut, the sign itself, severed of wholeness, elicits sympathy for an inability to totally stand for its representation, like any good broken artifact whose fragment is all the more lovely for its symbol replaced with formalism, an impairment to the language it intends to mean: sculpture as a sort of lovely speech impediment, hearing a lisp for the words. We love a good three legged dog, and figurative representation can contain all the sculptural slurring as language, the dog limps on endearingly with its crusty cartoon gait all the better, love.