Monday, June 5, 2023

Frieda Toranzo Jaeger at Galerie Barbara Weiss


Dressing up painting in bondage femme, kinda fun, like when my cousins dressed their younger brother up in a big pink dress to be paraded around the family gathering, photographed, and be mocked for years - there's something essentialist about the fun, a criticism leveled at Judy Chicago who also used the car as a phallus to be semantically tortured - there's fun in dress up, the critique will go on for decades, "Hey painting remember when we dressed you up as a girl?"

Saturday, June 3, 2023

Seth Price at Petzel


The real technology here is that Price found a way to avoid pinning his artist-butterfly subjectivity by letting some robots in. An android Price built to avoid fully naming, exposing, the artistic myth, Seth Price, fully. We trust gesture and painting as the concretized mind of the artist - and this techno means allowed Price what he's always been after, the squid's escape. Q, what we're left holding. A, disappearance duh. His long term subject and maybe Price's longterm point is proving that this is actually an axiom of art, left clutching ink resembling but not quite actualizing a human.

Past: Liam Gillick

"...The forebear to today's Simon Dennys and Anne Imhofs, the weaponizing of corporate and cultural tropes as a banality, ambivalent to its corporate manipulation of emotive capacities..."

Read full: Liam Gillick at CAC Vilnius
Past: Seth Price

"Has Price gone "painting"? In hindsight despite all the technologic and cultural baggage, Price's containers were always forcing that enigma of painting into the vessels everyone was only speaking of conceptually despite Price's continuous plastering optical illusions on." 

"Which here the point being any sufficiently advanced imaging technology might be indistinguishable from painting's magic. It will produces something alien, mysterious. Halter is right to bring up Gulliver's Travels in relation to Price, the book intended as a spoof of travelogue's desire for exoticism that also came at time when access to scientific technology like microscopes had become common, travel and tech magic depleted, something for parody. "

"We'd been keen to be left with a joke, but when this tech eventually obsolesces into banality, we should prepare for simply being left with abstractions, hands clutching inkblots."

Click: Seth Price at Friedrich PetzelSeth Price at 356 Mission, Seth Price at Stedelijk MuseumSeth Price at Museum Brandhorst

Friday, June 2, 2023

Past: Miho Dohi

"...something so fungal about them.."

"...Dohi's resemble, recall unplaceable things, which is our politics now. Resemblance was dirty back then, we wanted purity in forms, because clouded abstraction led to impure thoughts. Why do we desire allusive formalism now? Fecteau, Baghramian, Balema, Nagle, et al. Is still a latent surrealism? The shifting space of ambiguous "clouds" saying that one looks like a rabbit but never knowing it."

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Past: Daniel Rios Rodriguez

"You can't paint a flower without ironizing its loveliness... Sentimentality drips into its performance ...and we blush for the artist having fallen into the trap of their own subjectivity for them. Thick paint helps. It  ... expresses materially the same excess as the subject is. Confidence in clumsiness, endlessly endearing..."

Bill Hayden at Federico Vavassori


Damn remember Real Fine Arts? The website is gone so you can't. Wish I could. What a run. Too bad. Our memory has gotten so short. Perhaps the memory that it happened is better than the warts of photography. Better to have the option to delete oneself. Because now the drawings just look unaccounted for, look really great.