Modern Gothic

(Clockwise from Top Left: Gili Tal, Georgie Nettell, Merlin Carpenter, Morag Keil.)

(Clockwise from Top Left: Rose Marcus, Gili Tal, Will Benedict, Georgie Nettell.)

(Clockwise from Top Left: Georgie Nettell, Merlin Carpenter, Morag Keil, Morag Keil and Georgie Nettell.)

(Clockwise from Top Left: Ghislaine Leung, Morag Keil, Gili Tal, Ghislaine Leung)

The key descriptor would be a metastasized banality, to the point of sickness, a sort of late-stage throes. The world reflected without charm, without aesthetic band-aid. Characterized by dishes, kitchens, catatonic expressionism, snapshot photography, clean commodities, kids toys, video games.

Modern Gothic is a mode or genre prevalent in Contemporary Art from the early 21st century to this day. Characteristics of Modern Gothic include the presence of banal, irrational, and transgressive thoughts, desires, and impulses; grotesque settings; dark humor, and an overall angst-ridden sense of alienation. While related to the Southern Gothic tradition, Modern Gothic is uniquely rooted in contemporary Capitalism's tensions and aberrations. During the 21st century, the everywhere-nowhere setting of today's post-industrial cities became “the principal region of Modern Gothic” in art. The Modern Gothic brings to light the extent to which the idyllic vision of the progressive, collectivized City rests on massive repressions of the region’s historical realities: capitalism, class, and patriarchy. Modern Gothic texts also mark a Marxist return of the alienated: the region’s historical realities take concrete forms in the city's banality of power structures that highlight all that has been unsaid in the official version of Modern history. Because of its dark and everyday subject matter, literary scholars and critics initially sought to discredit the gothic on a national level.*

Gili Tal at Cabinet
Gili Tal at Jenny's

Morag Keil at Project Native Informant
Morag Keil at Jenny’s,
Morag Keil at Real Fine Arts,
Merlin Carpenter at Overduin & Co.,
Georgie Nettell at Lars Friedrich,
Georgie Nettell at Reena Spaulings
Ghislaine Leung at Chisenhale & Essex Street
Ghislaine Leung at Künstleraus Stuttgart
Rose Marcus at Night Gallery
Lucie Stahl at Queer Thoughts
Will Benedict at Overduin & Co.
“Post-apocalyptic Formation: 1” at Felix Gaudlitz

What this is not: “Digital Gothic” at Centre d’Art Contemporain La Synagogue Delme

*This is basically the wikipedia entry for Southern Gothic with a few words changed