Monday, February 29, 2016

Geta Brătescu at Barbara Weiss

Geta Bra?tescu at Barbara Weiss

The Romanian Zobernig-before-Zobernig milking and misremembering modernist genres for a discrepant experience of the thing against its meaning that many of today's young interesting artists enjoy, a slowly distending/displacement of its artistic signs protracting artistic identity. Nauman's continual media swapping only served to hone and underscore the themes across and despite its diversity, whereas today it services youth to deny the eventual meaning/understanding implicit in art. See the drawing above and cross-check it with its genre cafe drawing with which it fits but doesn't add up against the breadth of Brătescu's almost methodological formal move making against identifiable parameters in which it can't help but feel ironic, detached, somehow knowing.

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