Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Dena Yago at Sandy Brown


The PR all but stating the genericness of the images, a perfectly acceptable position that Yago, for a time now, has run with. Genericness is the power of seeing reality transitioning to its metaphor, or concept, its particulars liquify into the universal soup, qualities dissolve. It's really hard to see generic images. If seeing is forgetting the name of the thing one sees then knowing it is blindness. On being too bored to see. The optic cable is capable of data transmission spikes of roughly 1.25MB/s - the same as an ethernet cable - that are metabolically expensive. As a way to disable the brain's shortcut system researchers don goggles that invert the world into a 24/7 color negative and minds reel at processing raw data, causing profound disorientation, loss of appetite, inability to recognize common objects, colleagues, or family. "This is a hardwired system, and no matter how much you try to override it intellectually, tell it what it should see, it will tell you what it really does see.A difficult system to override, look.

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