Thursday, January 12, 2017

Lucas Arruda at Indipendenza


Keeping the list succinct, Turner, Caspar D. Friedrich, Rothko, maybe Monet, Celmins, the painters and expanses lit from beyond. The self-enamored creating space, letting there be light, like gods, separating the sea and the land, they can paint it, conjure it. Schopenhauer, "Fullest Feeling of Sublime : Immensity of Universe's extent or duration. (Pleasure from knowledge of observer's nothingness and oneness with Nature)." And Arruda's primordial stews both past and post, sunset and sunrise, beginning and end times and all the land inbetween, finding common ground between the heady romantics and the spiritual expressionists and painters between. Recent trends in sci-fi have too increasingly used primordial and lush expanse from Prometheus to Rogue One as locale signifying a shift in representations of "future" no longer mechanistic and barren but luscious clean worlds like Apple ads, the primordial space no longer past but future and become once again acceptable.

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