Monday, June 20, 2022

Past: Ei Arakawa

"Like the wacky inflatable arm man drawing eyes to dealerships... theatricalizing the artwork as a caricature of attention... turning an artwork to an interpretable state and blinking, tea leaf divination in sporty Vegas-odds inkblots....  "

"the background artists and cultures upcycled into its staging system under the spotlight of Contemporary Art .... a system in which the production of artistic meaning is itself made clear as a series of gestures and movements that encode work with whatever aura..."

"its child-like unstoppability.."

"an action to conjure the documentation."

"Because: the system shifts from content generation to interactivity itself, turning itself into interface for the user/viewer to self-produce. This is the turnkey-operation entrepreneurial dream, in which as long as the structure is up and running 'content-revenue' will self-generate, perfect museum lobby bait. It fulfills the institutional functions in their programs whose goals like "outreach" have kids painting in the style of those artist to see themselves as..'

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