Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Abraham Cruzvillegas at Kurimanzutto


the excellent sculptures that particular regions of urbanites create to reserve parking places? Wikipedia's article calls them Parking Chairs, Chicago calls them "dibs" but you see many versions across the world less furniture orientated. Mexico City's particularly robust parking-object scene. The sculptural emergence from, seemingly, several requirements, first that they be of no particular value (negating theft), constructed of what's available, and, lending their aesthetic quality, must designate their intentionality and refute themselves as refuse or castoffs, detritus, but instead purposed, creating a particular design problem of how to use trash to denote property, the construction as symbol for intent, and all the incredible vernacular and jury-rigged beauty with it that Cruzvillegas pilfers.

see too: Mark Grotjhan at Karma