Monday, August 10, 2020

Past: Kaoru Arima

"Drawing was at one time a knowledge. Sketching fetuses cut from cadavers were cutting edge science. The limits of knowledge were defined by looking at something really hard. When science and tech jettisoned oils and pencils from its repertoire modern artists got mad and crushed representation into something resembling a crumpled Coke can, seeing all sides at once, and this violence was lauded. "

"...human features bludgeoned to bloom bruise, bouquets, or apply rictus like geometries, portraits of a stroke. On and on painters rushing to injustice portraits... Here, the face is more figurative idea, an outline, a Jawlensky like framework for which to hang wanton libidinal paint. ...We find its horror almost playful, cute, even interesting, a learned tolerance for pain."

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