Tuesday, April 5, 2022

BANK Status Quo Galerie Neu, Berlin


BANK is CAWD's father. There's no secret around this, and no need for patricide. BANK was there in the primordial reptile brain of CAWD's stewing formation. BANK's Fax-Bak white hot brilliance. The Press Release as decree - and the returns on that decree. Speaking back to the decree. The way Will Smith deterritorialized comedy. This is not filling out a comment card at The Museum of Modern Art, but actually finding a place to speak. Wedging open a space for return.
"Well the whole inside/outside thing is kind of theatrical," suggests John Russell, "I thought we were kind of hypocrites in a way, which is a pretty interesting position - or an unavoidable one. The 'critique' was kind of fun. And we did sort of dislike quite a lot of people."