Monday, January 22, 2024

Nancy Lupo at Veda


Amnesia is state of the world, object permanence reconstructed by its disposability, a spoon that is "one time use" and an entire machine is created to make that true, wastebaskets, garbage trucks, hulking green men, heaping landfills, oil rigs. Each plastic spoon is unique - one time use - and replaceable, infinite. Every sighting Capital has made the chocolate bar anew while paradoxically they are the same one. This is the anxiety of capital's stuf. We purchase not the object on the shelf but a myth we buy into - the ghost of spoon, complex carbon chains of signification pressed into its shape - the belief of this being a spoon. Pressed into shape of our belief carries us so far until the FDA must define the amount of sawdust as no longer meeting the definition of chocolate. So it's a "chocolatey bar." "Prepackaged one bite confections, when sold individually, are exempt from the labelling requirements. A hard candy is considered to be a one bite confection when it is sold by itself, however, a roll of 10 of these candies is not." Stuf only has value en mass - a single spoon is free, given, cost buried dispersed into oblivion, but 50 spoons has a price. The Burger King wears the crown given to him freely, but the crown in mass disperses responsibility amongst the birthday party and someone must pay for all that cardboard scenery. We all do. The wastebasket is technology for making true that stuf is opposite of art's monument.