Sunday, May 10, 2015

Group Show at Meyer Riegger

Group Show at Meyer Riegger

We'll just list some decent work in this exhib: Mauser's crushed can Kobros, Saâdane Afif's baroque citational posters, Salvo's pre-Nicolas Party awkward, Posenenske's tableaus, Armleder's power-farts, etc.
But can we talk about that Miriam Cahn painting. Jesus. Attaining that magic otherness of "outsider" artists without actually being so. Soft horror, childlike and maternal. A crepuscular thumb indeterminate. The marks seem to stand more for actions than depiction, as in a face constructed of movements against it, but way less theatrical than Bacon. of the horror of our features removed, of the loss of the container, flesh. Such gentle, tender, violence.

Nicolas Party at Gregor Staiger , Miriam Cahn at Jocelyn Wolff , Group Show at David Kordasky