Friday, May 15, 2015

Venice: Victor Man at The Central Pavilion

Venice: Victor Man at the Central Pavilion

Jana Euler, Mathew Cerletty, etc. the overt affect of Man’s brooding tinctures in the hieroglyphs of a new puzzle form of painting, the explicit clarity of subjects, revealed flatly, become illustrations of a mysterioized subject withheld. The more overt the “subject,” the harder we fall into its promise of illustrating something, meaning. Man taking the hewn in stone rigidity of Piero Della Francseco’s stilted figures to place them in night glazed sinister. The black patinas concretizing the dark affects of pre-renaissance painting mysticism, ideals of math and Christianity ordered by divine principle. Man’s, and other’s, equally full frontal subject explicit wishing too for some divine mystery.

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