Sunday, June 28, 2015

“New Needs” at Haus Wittmann

"New Needs" at Haus Wittman

Another Sunday on CAD. Address, keystroke, and scroll with hopes suspended over the small void before true boredom. Stop-gap info-fill. Click. Click. Horror vacuii a widespread contemporary affliction, replaced and transferred, and what's going on in the contemporary art world has pages refreshed with dopamine gambles. Imagine gunshots. Click. Roulette's small rush hoping for red interest, exciting, opening an exhibition to spend time, to see our name, transactions, dice rolled against real time ticker on the field of cultural production. Imagine violence. So play it cool. The gentility of another polite art kindly acquiescing to an architecture pleasant. Decorum so thorough its Austrian. Imagine Michael Haneke directing someone to suffocate his love with a pillow. Another Sunday group show on CAD, a beautiful day pouring in through Austrian architecture and webpages.