Saturday, November 21, 2015

Mai-Thu Perret, Olivier Mosset at VnH

Mai-Thu Perret, Olivier Mosset at VnH Gallery

"In early 2010, scientists in Italy announced that rattan wood would be used in a new "wood to bone" process for the production of artificial bone. The process takes small pieces of rattan and places it in a furnace. Calcium and carbon are added. The wood is then further heated under intense pressure in another oven-like machine and a phosphate solution is introduced. This process produces almost an exact replica of bone material. The process takes about 10 days. At the time of the announcement the bone was being tested in sheep and there had been no signs of rejection. Particles from the sheep's bodies have migrated to the "wood bone" and formed long continuous bones. The new bone-from-wood programme is being funded by the European Union. Implants into humans are anticipated to start in 2015.[12]"

The third result for "rattan" Google searches returns, after wiki and dictionary results, Ikea's website. And thus our global domineers providing dystopian furniture to the masses and our futuristically repaired bodies are made of the same object harvested from Indonesian labor.