Thursday, May 5, 2016

Ajay Kurian at White Flag Projects


Art's Post-war war on the symbolic, depictive or narrative - of say Greenberg, championing a purity and "universalist" language - isn't difficult to read as supression of narratives divergent from those commonly accepted as universal. Consolidating its experience as the universal. Think Everybody Loves Raymond. But so while Greenberg's and its modernist moment passed the specter still hangs, an artifact in the often refusal to read symbolism and signs for what they are. Think Mira Schor's incredulity at David Salle's critics refusal to see - and endless excusing of - the gratuitous nude women. "It doesn't matter what you paint its how you paint" is a fantasy stemming from another, the "universalist" experience from an artist whose body is non-subject, their body has never been in question in culture. Instead think Keinholz Mendieta Wilson Wong Ligon