Saturday, February 18, 2017

“Grounding Vision: Waclaw Szpakowski” at Miguel Abreu


Hermetic and self-contained. The line begins on the left and ends on the right. "Szpakowski worked in complete isolation, indifferent to the art of his time." Architectural engineer, working for the Polish Ministry of mail; the flight paths of letters and our fetish for Bureaucratic Transcendence, Kafka. Etc. Continuing Abreu's Borgesian commitment to the fictional realized, self-reflexive, sovereign, autarchic. Szpakowski, precursor to the Stella-bot and self-indexing now found in likes of Cheney Thompson (weirdly not seen here), all of them a sort of reveling in the psuedo-automatic processes that less and less we believe to be revealing some underlying universe and more and more comforting for their adherence to the fiction, their self-imposed autonomy somehow proving a new world, however cold.

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