Thursday, February 16, 2017

Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison at Various Small Fires


Upward estimates 90% of the artworld’s potato-heads can’t grow their cranial’s cognomen. Having watched them grown on Mars last summer perhaps preventing widespread artist famine in the eventuality of. But so obviously not the best viability judges, us, and, though we never intended to be rationality's assessors, in these logistics before us we become ecological arbiters, hoping to find our judgements of art equitable with judgements of viability. They're not. Luckily the brine shrimp and worm farms come in aesthetic packages, colored and shaped in higher orders than the mere quadrilateral. It doesn't matter if Eliasson's garden is productive, HUO is still going to hire him for his because it won't merely look viable it will look like the future, like there is a future.