Friday, July 26, 2019

Past: Puppies Puppies

"Like oral traditions whose stories allowed modification to fit the moment’s ethos, PP’s unconsensual public domaining of intellectual properties proposes the, e.g., Chiquita banana as open source material. [...] using brand as pre-established content for its storytelling, inhabiting the corporate/commercial sign systems that have come to determine our world. Harry Potter is the new Iliad for better or worse...."
"Behind a hostage of the forcibly public-domained. You get to disappear behind others'. A system of drag (drag as corporeal parasitization, cosplay) but too the dirty and cruel world of bodies forced to adopt the identity and means of the larger cultural empire that oversees it, i.e. Adorno’s conform or perish."

Puppies Puppies at What Pipeline, Puppies Puppies at BFA Boatos