Saturday, May 6, 2017

Steve Keister at Mitchell Algus


Packaging, those ubiquitous garbage shells and skeletons lining boxes, deprived of the commodity, is each its own Fecteau sculpture, enigmatic and otherworldly, carved with some idiosyncratic system inferring the subject carving it, the capitalistic pressures governing the commodity or the artist, similar systems. Appreciate packaging. So covering this artifactual content of packaging with Olmec heads is a strange choice, answered by the artist's statement: “the ubiquitous Styrofoam carton inserts which littered the sidewalks of Tribeca contained a kind of relief that echoed the forms which distinguish Pre-Colombian art" which lovely to believe some illuminati like conspiracy of mesoamerican symbologies latently placed into our refuse, and furthered with the observation, "Keister points out the significant influence of pre-Columbian art as a common modernist source, and the earlier" which we'd love to believe.