Sunday, June 25, 2017

Darren Bader at Greenspon


Bader's reduction of things to names, names converted to songs which share them, (Do you get it this makes them equitable in Bader's world) which songs all played at once orchestrate the cacophony of the world. The noise of things. Eyes delineate what ears cannot: if you converted the world to song, it would be just noise. How sad.  Like Creed's All the Bells, aesthetic considerations are subordinate to the rule of name, category: bells, all. Language becomes code allowing for slippage, treating things as their categories, there is no difference between burritos only the category, burrito, which makes the Kickstarter to help Darren Bader become Martin Creed doubly funny for both's categorical tomfoolery, under which two of the same thing can be one.

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