Friday, September 22, 2017

Abbas Akhavan at Museum Villa Stuck


"...the exhibition, [..] incorporates all the imperfections and drill holes from the previous show. The museum’s temperature control system has been turned off. Previously walled-up doors have been cut open, and windows are left ajar, allowing light and fresh air to permeate into the space, thereby raising questions about established boundaries of the museum..."

"The museum" comes to mean the learned subjective posture adopted in assessing the objects of art. "the museum" is the headspace selected in "considering" the object. "the museum" is the trope of New Yorker cartoons: aesthetes before artworks making proclamations, philosophic noodling. "the museum" is a virtual reality headset for the judgement of objects, the invisible HUD of pedagogical memes, historical influenza, and symbolic judgement. "the museum" is a learned set of social conditionings. Akhavan, by dispersing the object instead into a room full of gestures, turns the display to the theater itself, the museum as headspace, the fourth wall everywhere, plays itself, etc.