Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Past: Lutz Bacher

 Every Bacher work is its tombstone, the thing which represents its end, the last person remembering their name.

The framing is contextually ambiguous ...  a viewers attempts to position themselves in relation to the subjects feels instead their meaning transpire and fade.

In "Entropy and the new Monuments" Smithson described his artistic cohorts' inadequacy in the grand scales of time and entropy, the culturally catatonic monuments in human "progression." The absurdity and nihilism of cosmic scales entering the personal ones, which Bacher recurringly recalls... cosmos xeroxed into the noise... spilled across expanses like baseballs or sprawls of sand ... Mountains dissolve in grains that resemble liquids in geologic time. This recurring theme. The biblical "for dust you are and to dust you will return" is, as far as we know, scientifically accurate.

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Lutz Bacher at Galerie Buchholz and Sarah Rapson at Essex Street
Lutz Bacher at 3320 18th St
Lutz Bacher at Daniel Buchholz (3)
Lutz Bacher at 356 Mission
Lutz Bacher at Statens Museum for Kunst
Lutz Bacher at Daniel Buchholz (2)
Lutz Bacher at Daniel Buchholz (1)