Saturday, May 12, 2018

Vincent Fecteau at greengrassi


Fecteau's like architectural navels, the "complicated pockets" like ears or industrial labia. They resemble, brandish resemblance, which morph in sinuous exterior/interior unsecured - aortic openings hint interior chambers, others skeletal - they twist in on themselves like an ouroboric muscle car. Like cutting open your abdomen to reveal a cathedral. These turns are important, they mirror our body's soft points, the vulnerable pink cusps. Notice your body shifting from exterior to interior, your lips, eyes, anus, ears, urethral opening, these twilight moments rolling into. Look at Fecteau's early work, even the architectural models or shoe boxes always explicitly turning inside before falling back into exterior, undulating, like Bird in Space that can be phallus or colon, the confusion of interior exterior is constant, they are rotatable, spin, find yourself wandering their curvature inwards to find yourself outwards again, inside-out and proleptic.

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