Saturday, October 20, 2018

Ivy Haldeman at Downs & Ross


The sexy hotdogs, as a friend said, but there's no hotdogs here. Yet the sex remains, latently.  Oldenburg innuendo slicked to the surface, in the stroke of the brush we could call lascivious. The same strokes that delineated super hero breasts comicly. In latex suits forming questions other comic artists posed as, "Is Amazon Girl's super power the ability to squeeze that figure into that suit?" Squeeze that meat into that casing. Besides a few hands, here the meat is removed, only the surface remains. The move from painting products to business suits perhaps stating an equivalent that's uncomfortable. Is the suit the product, or a surface of sex that sells? Or, maybe hotdogs weren't selling that well. "Our focus is on incremental volumes and mix improvements coming from new products." Because these are products. Eventually, the question of fitting into suits is answered with the perhaps empowering, "Nah, they can all do that."