Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Past: Nora Schultz
Jury-rigging's nautical roots - in the provisional lashing of temporary mast and sails - before the term basically come to mean any unsightly but workable solution to a problem - has a particular relevance to Schultz whose early misuse of materials to create impromptu painting machines involved lots of rigging awkward solutions to the problems of needing to produce a painting to achieve that sort of elegance captured by outsider architecture, redneck repairs, and the whole meme of "if it look stupid but it works, it ain't stupid" captured by the internet, thematizing the absurdity of the problem's demands as a whole to begin with and then with further inelegant metal solutions to sculpture as horrendous jagged objects, the term is often malpropoed with "jerry-built" but not to be confused with the definition of "built unsubstantially of bad materials; built to sell but not last."

Nora Schultz at dépendance
Nora Schultz at Reena Spaulings