Monday, March 9, 2020

Past: Gracie DeVito at TIF SIGFRIDS

"Like Bonnard's rags, we like paintings looking picked from studio floors, rubbed with, spilled on, rather than painted ... sentience from captured artistic sneezes. Though these are a lot nicer than the usual strains of scatalogical nappies of the idiot-savant, of say Joe Bradley, of the real base impulses collected.
"the frame had once aggrandized its painting haloed, now redundant to white walls, to the cost of real estate, the frame cartoonifies, ironizes, self-deprecates in the goofy expense of custom routed framing: each an individual like a thumbprint or a mess. Frames are dumb if necessary, and these admit to that, a sort of excusing itself by way of clown. "Oh this red nose?, no."

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