Saturday, April 18, 2020

Kathleen Ryan at Ghebaly Gallery


Encrust things with jewels, add a few art historical references to the nature of our mort and you got yourself a stew. The mold adds a delightful balance to what would have been all too saccharine wealth. Previously Ryan's had been less explicitly bejeweled even when they were explicitly jewelry. (Though the material confusions/substitutions that Ryan has a knack been themed throughout.)  But here the material question is less of clever substitution and more reminiscent of Tara Donovan where a certain quality is quantity: the compositionalizing of such an amount seems more like the excuse to amass such a quantity. A reason to put so many gems together. NYT magazine called "critiques of excess" which I find delirious. Excess does not inherently critique excess. Dutch vanitas were also a means for the wealthy to signal their humility through ostentatious displays of said humility. A car that belches exhaust to critique global warming.

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