Friday, July 1, 2022

Anne Imhof at Galerie Buchholz


Adolescence repackaged as fashion, repackaged as art. We get it. This is vampire. The capitalist extracts value from his laborers as the artist/fashionista extracts libido from teens. The excess of energy in locker rooms. Teen boredom that sediments itself in scratched desks, keyed cars. A culturally loaded mark marring expensive glass, now for sale! "My kid could do that" becomes "my child literally did that in high school and was forced to see the school therapist." Like Michaela Eichwald at dépendance, "a school desk's attempted Baphomet comes out more as a hairy devil with tits, not really satanic at all. Because the acne poxed kid's hard desire for satanism outshines his ability to actually conjure it. (This is endearing.) ... a teenage libidinal excess that has a tendency to spill, run over, an excess energies that stain things." An artist then collects that, markets it as art. The circle of life. 

Think Klara Liden repacking vandalism for its safe glossed consumption. This switches anarchy for apathy. Bored teens being the hottest. The art of that fashion runway stare, where no one smiles, why? That would be the craziest thing to wear in fashion.

Klara Liden at Reena SpaulingsMichaela Eichwald at dépendance, Leave the teens alone 1, 2