Friday, September 8, 2023



There was the Affect Theory Reader and then there was what the kids called "vibes." It wasn't what you advertised it was the fact that skateboarding dog growled it. Previously the hipster had mocked this with a discombobulated semiology of PBR truckers and really expensive denim. Rachel Harrison. The object was meaningless vessel to the light. Hahaha, we all collectively admitted, groaned, or smiled. But now we're here, in the sunken place serious with our mood lighting and artifacts from several genre of past wreckage. Alien, Roman, or cousin Greg. This is the acceptance stage of grief. The lighting has already done the airline crash assessment for us. There is nothing outside of mis-en-scene. 

See too: Josh Kline at Modern Art, Adrián Villar Rojas at MOCA Geffen