Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Mmm. Pepsi-cola. That one of our larger "content plantations" CAD is reaching outside its own local economy, requiring economic imports from Empire, is perhaps a dire signal to our island of art's self sustainability. Trade Embargos with capital to maintain cool, symbolic cred, is a stagnant system. It's changed. "Socialism" can sell now. Bernie can be a capitalist. The art museum can be sponsored by Levi's. Make Chanel Bags. Our "radical art" is duplicating May 68's tools in a gallery, the safety levels set to OSHA, who requires the artist to wear orange. We shouldn't have to starve, but we are. We need to ready our production for scalability.  We need to get sponsored. 

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Past: Puppies Puppies at BFA Boatos 

"Like oral traditions whose stories allowed modification to fit the moment’s ethos, PP’s unconsensual public domaining of intellectual properties proposes the, e.g., Chiquita banana as open source material. [...] using brand as pre-established content for its storytelling, inhabiting the corporate/commercial sign systems that have come to determine our world. Harry Potter is the new Iliad for better or worse...."

Monday, May 22, 2017

Camille Henrot at Kunsthalle Wien


Henrot's object incongruence: material tension whose fault lines irrupt laughter. It's a comedy, acting sculpturally stupid, where material images don't add up. Henrot stretches sculptural sense like a cartoon mouse avoiding the axe, inducing cackles in children, material truth replaced with a clown. Who represents us today.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lee Relvas at Callicoon Fine Arts


Like tangled Fred Sandbacks suspension given weight, delineating the space like glass you infer outlined in string, Relvas' outline infers a body confused, turned inside out, intestinal pirouettes, throwing up spaghetti into the air.

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Friday, May 19, 2017

Bruno Serralongue at Air de Paris


A good photo should tell us something is the sort of mantra of photojournalism that edges and delineates its propagandistic subconscious.  Which Serralongue avoids by making not good photos. "offer little esthetic enjoyment" "all "studium" and no "punctum." "The images supply content, description and information, but rarely a piercing moment; the viewer is not "grabbed" by the image, nor seduced by one captivating element. Rather than feed us answers, the images make us do the work of analysis."  The blood-draining banalization of photography like switching the electricity illuminating the carnival rush off. No circus just moral bread. Taken this way, their depletion, looking like husks, becomes its own odd rush, realizing just how close photos once were to the high of entertainment, now the pleasure of withholding it.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Harumi Yamaguchi at Project Native Informant

1970s, duplicating Capital's techniques - with or without critique - that ubiquitous strategy of photography that would become postmodern legacy - the pictures generation - is all the more uncanny in painting, the craft of it, capitalist "realism" - more fantasy - making so apparent the latent desirous unconscious of the advert - the wrapping women in plastic like packages - all the surrealism that be made so stupidly apparent in Koonsian shine, years earlier.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017



Now that CAD has corporate sponsorship we'd like our teat too. We're looking for people like you. So, if you'd like to multiply your network, if you think artists would benefit from wearing suits, if you believe the advertising of "systemic business coaching" in arts isn't signaling our creative end-times, if your pants are Italian, unironically been on Artrank, if your corporation has all the capital in the world except the symbolic sort, if you've never read Pierre Bourdieu, then you are our on our shortlist. Become a corporate sponsor today. Email us, or donate here.