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Donating to Contemporary Art Writing Daily means organizing, preserving, and making accessible more corners of recent art history. With your help, we can make it easier for anyone, from students and young artists to leading scholars and art professionals, to learn about the work of contemporary artists.

There are four formalized levels of giving, but you're welcome to choose another amount. Every amount truly helps, so please give generously!

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$1,000+, Reader - As a reader of the Library, you’re our lifeblood, funding the core staff that handles submissions of new material, fix inaccuracies, and generally keep the proverbial lights on.

$2,500+, Researcher - Each Researcher supports the addition of at least 100 exhibitions to the Library archive. Receive acknowledgment on our thank you page, or remain anonymous.

$5,000+, Scholar - Weigh in: in addition to the above, each scholar may select two artists from the Library and we will use part of your donation to fund the addition of some missing projects to their record. Your choice helps curate new material coming into Contemporary Art Library.

$10,000+, Librarian - Fund a Contemporary Art Quarterly archive! After we receive your donation we’ll get in touch with you to tell you about the artists we’re working with and your donation entitles you to select one for which we will use your gift. You'll have the option to be acknowledged in any announcements.

Choose your own - A gift of any amount is hugely helpful in keeping us afloat! Tax deductible and gratefully acknowledged.