Friday, December 19, 2014

Greer Lankton at Participant Inc.

Photo by Karl Peterson
(Greer Lankton at Participant Inc.) link

Today, in the era of the online avatar Lankton’s surrogate dolls may have had a resurgence of relevance, staging and reflecting its world in the warped mirror of Lankton’s desire, the way digital technologies’ virtual platforms potentialize the endless construction of the avatar-self and its world. Lankton’s worlds were proto-virtual; projections of her desire/vision into imagined worlds that today makes more sense in terms of so many artists' digital desire-realms. It could have been great. But today the cast of characters surrounding the work today and writing the PR seems more concerned with projecting it back into history, back into its now lifeless scene, alongside the more famous names it can accredit to it, preserving it in the embalm of the all the pedigree it can inject.

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