Saturday, January 10, 2015

Joanne Greenbaum at Crone

Joanne Greenbaum at Crone

The proto-modern gentility balanced with an undercutting maximalism, like a dog having found the birthday cake to lay it out once again on the patterned rug.
Awkwardness is the contemporary expression of painting “critically;” by denying the logic of painting’s normal order (taste) it infers a strategy not commanded by higher powers but an immanence, the human subject, "dysmorphic", without returning to an expressivity, inferring an idea or conceptualism. It’s the result of the schizo positioning of painting today, in which everyone wants a subjectivity expressed but no one wants human expression. The hysteric is the ability for the human to appear through the grate of order; social, relational, capital, or artistic.

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