Thursday, October 13, 2016

David Rappeneau at Queer Thoughts


“Henri Matisse painted pretty pictures during one of history’s ugliest eras" and Rappeneau draws apathetic youth in one of the most disquieting. Further references: The Pieta, Starry Night and Tamagachis: the youth are bored, despondent, they are nervous and pallid, but worst they're nostalgic. Cylindric reference reflects in anamorphosis to project history as bigger than it, in a point that culminates here.  Looking back to see yourself reflected in the glass already containing all the gold you can fish, to find yourself trapped on the silver side of the mirror, your reflection. And Rappeneau's endless inscriptions in this silver surface, this hypertrophied advertorial ennui embodying all the post-manic fallout of DISmagazine, its fatigue, is brutal, tiring.

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