Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Past: Than Hussein Clark

"Staged theatrically, their vacancy becomes strength, hollowness holding a surface for eyes to move and containing whatever importance the narrative can attribute it, like a beautifully feathered bird you are required to know nothing about, or a Tahitian landscape unencumbered by syphilitic artists, a tie-dyed Heimo Zobernig.  Like Sci-fi as excuse to CGI a lot of shiny things, theater to reimagine some neo-Memphis-group for Petra von Kant."

"so the context, under new light, grow baroque, wilt new leafs, gilt themselves in preparation for their spotlighting, put little balls on their feet, weight their connection to it, the theater."

"Turning the house topsy-turvy, the curatorial address of throwing it all in and letting god sort 'em out with song and dance."