Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Park McArthur at SFMOMA


"Detailed in the sketch are the structure, materials, and measurements required to span the distance over the building's rock step. By depicting passageways that called for adjustment, these works highlight our reliance, in our everyday movements, on sculptural forms that do not always acknowledge all the bodies..." -pr 

We deform the world, adapt it to our bodies, sculpt it. Our world is its largest open-pit mine, dug out and backfilled with human scaled objects. Stones pulled to be placed back down in a size we find fitting. The paver is the pillar to our locomotion, the lawn to our jurisdiction. It's hard to appreciate how manicured the world is, and how inhuman when it isn't. Walk off trail and encounter "terrain." There are wide-reaching governing bodies putting vast resources into making our world navigable. To a body not adjusted to these measurements the world would be experienced as alien, probably the point here.