Monday, March 18, 2019

Past: Silke Otto-Knapp

"Yesterday's brand strategies reemerge in painting's today. Mona Lisa handbags, af Klimt on a tank, Carl Andre halloween costumes. You can't water down a public's desire for a painting, prevalence only increases the throngs lined to see it, at distance, behind glass. "

"...nostalgia glossed contemporary palette's palatability makes recycling fun. We get its depictions at the remove we can respect them. i.e. Modernism in a dark lens so we can talk about it without being it. The ethereal silver surface appending some Last Year at Marienbad memory"

"Our recognition-of is the greatest asset of a painting, proving its commonality, prerequisite to fame. Your brand should be aqueous, malleable, placed on anything while retaining the specificity distinguishing yours from the competition. Otto-Knapp's strategy doesn't seem critical of such, rather recognizing it, if a painting can harbor artistic "voice," why not a dress, a dance, a rug. Deploy it as such."

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