Friday, December 15, 2017

Alexandra Bircken at Le Crédac & BQ

(Le CrédacBQ)

"Double entendre of object like innuendo complicating the minimalist mantra of what you see is what you see, because what you see is sometimes sexually confusing, leather seats in car beginning to look like the lap of a tanned, taught, naked man."

And like many today Bircken finds ways to make the body appear through its latent expressions in commodic forms that conform in packages for it, the body. The majority of the objects we interact with are deformed to our bodies, are created in our image, wraps for us, and our absence makes them appear as ghosts, apparition in objects, which float like innuendos among polite society, tenuous, unmentionable which Bircken's digging at finding ways to all but place the words on our tongue: the body, the butthole, the flesh, the donger like thing you handle every day.

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