Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Past: Pilvi Takala at Centre for Contemporary Arts

"...children given fantastical power faced with the continually dwindling possibilities of real. A child's unfathomable wealth, 7000£, quickly grinding down, halting the committee at the realization of its limits: One child equates the once impossible amount to a mere 7 iPhones. The fantastic cannot be realized.  It's not enough for everyone. Unfazed several children move quickly through history proposing different schemes to generate profits with websites and business models (already envisioning themselves receiving discounts on fees) to sustain their wants, and the whole thing moving from open possibility to well-trod territory with a patterned timing. Watching the death of the possible in people so young raises questions of whether this is simply precocious social replication of the status quo, or whether capitalism is just natural to us..."

click: Pilvi Takala at Centre for Contemporary Arts