Saturday, September 22, 2018

FRONT Triennial


Bigness itself qualifies press, attention, views. And so we invent fairs, biennials, whatever things stand in for bright neon of Artworld's next Las Vegas in new lands to hopefully Luxor hotel their place on the map. Beam me up, spot the fish to bite. Or something along those lines. I wonder what the rate for click through for all the images is, though there's not even that many here for an exhibition across 30 locations and and multiple cities. The exhibition's CAD Tags are longer than the Press Release. It should be noted CAD has an amazing amount of data on its hands, probably valuable, saleable, data. But maybe it's just depressing data. The amount of time spent on images in fractions of seconds, the amount of images even looked at listed in single digits. When someone clicks through to an exhibition, what do you think is the average number of images actually clicked through? Supplying the entirety doesn't matter, just the cream to be skimmed. There's 111 artists listed in the exhibition pamphlet, only 72 tagged here, and about 80 images. Ouch.