Saturday, June 10, 2023

Past: Morag Keil

"Keil's knack for pinpointing and amplifying the dreck comprising our doldrums would seem cruel if masochism hadn't become so fun, as means of at least owning it: the if-I-am-going-to-feel-depression-I-may-as-well-inflict-it-upon-myself feeling of control. So if you're looking for a hit of coal black drudgery Keil is it. Almost baroquely morose."

"the new psychedelic experience .. updating conceptual art for a new generation of well-versed conceptually-high-tolerant semionauts, the new drug the complete meltdown of conceptual sense."

full: Morag Keil at Project Native InformantMorag Keil at Jenny’sMorag Keil at Real Fine Arts,