Friday, October 19, 2018

Judith Eisler at Casey Kaplan


A critique toward the pre-loading your brush with content, forcing its representing the priorly ordained, would seem unfair against today's every other painter evacuating it - though Richter and Tuymans bleeding out of their images content despite it, might provide the real answer to content re-presentation. And the PR's dance around the issue of this recycling - can't you just wait for a writer to invoke Hito Steyrl's "In Defense of the Poor Image" about these - instead rams that the point is the paint, whether to ward off any conceptual jabber or maybe bait it in review hard to tell. "Eisler questions whether light is a substance or a process." which weirdly enough is exactly a Quora question you can read click here. A weird worry that art is asking questions that science is answering. Which maybe is why we're asked to look instead at the paint that culture values in these.

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