Thursday, May 30, 2019

Bendt Eyckermans at Carlos/Ishikawa


"the kids grown on cartoons have arrived and their childhoods have coincidentally, absurdly, become the accurate depictions of the way the world has begun to feel"
Dramatic like theater kids, and a light that is. Like maybe a few others, Keegan Monaghan or Gijs Milius etc., the pathos found in the real rendered as leather, our substance as a mistake. The joke perhaps that surely we are not made of mere goo, able to be "abstracted" as gore, stretched as idiots, bodies like foibles. This would, if true, if we are accurate as cartoons, identify with such, be eternally sad. Eyckermans' seems to be that closer it can vacillate between positions of "realness" and "melodramatic goo" (El Greco as comedy) the more we might feel to physically identify with such absurdity. A line between drama and stupidity that is the world currently, and so paintings to realize it.

see too: Gijs Milius at Gaudel de Stampa