Monday, June 3, 2019

Angela Bulloch at Simon Lee


As movements and their banners fade the artistic remainders, no longer surrounded by their fanfare, makes apparent all the mannerism. What conceptual premise even was there against a blinding stylization? Why were we into the ephemera of design projects? The the final 2008 trumpeting of its moment now reads as literal explanation, theanyspacewhatever. And all the critiques reacting and filling the vacuum, Bishop's antagonism or Scanlan or whatever. The work has aged horrifically. And as much as the now any space - devoid of its party - showcases all its vacant stylings for said party, it is also perhaps that our current moment, dominated by the circulated image (and its ability to be read immediately) as tantamount makes these images appear vacant, that 2008 was perhaps the last gasps of when theory, academia, Artforumal banter, or any sort of thought outside surrealist imaginings had some sort of sway in art, filled the air with chatter, a lack of which now make the past appear vacant because we lack chatter.