Monday, July 29, 2019

Dana Hoey at Petzel


A project of perhaps post relation aesthetics, even serving up another form of Thai. "Ms. Hoey’s is a gloves-off statement arguing for women as powerful and ready to rumble against discrimination or historical stereotypes" says Schwendener succinctly. The work becomes a service announcement and overall community service with high end commodities as backdrop. An exchanging moral stakes for aesthetics that critics have in the past lamented (with various levels of harrumphing) since ostensibly if you agree with the politics you agree with the art, amplitude is what matters, adding another form of song and dance performed in front of objects to spellcast meaning in them; they are like high end souvenirs of action. I'm not totally ready to throw out the potential conflation of moral/aesthetics, but art does have a pretty poor record in said ring, particularly when telling the stories of others or universalizing its own. The recent Andrea Bowers thing for instance. Unsure whether the normalization of black eyes is necessary, though that's not my story.