Friday, May 1, 2020

Yoshitomo Nara at Charles Moffett

It seems cruel to hate the work of Nara. It's saturated with an innocence we are asked with wet eyes to be sympathetic to. How could one hate an innocent? This is like retribution for the Massacre of the Innocents, their ghosts now haunt us interminably, multiply with each exhibition.
"The crowd of extremely young visitors yearning to possess models of Nara’s figures as if they were in a department store and the realization that this generation already feels nostalgia for its own quite recent experience of childhood imbued these works with a subtle melancholy.—Marco Meneguzzo"
This is what are attempting to purchase, your innocence back, trying to maintin it like a departed loved one, but it's dead and gone, and you are washing a corpse that Nara continues to produce in porcelain flesh. The haunted Precious moments factory product.