Sunday, December 6, 2020

Rochelle Feinstein at Nina Johnson


Painting can often feel less like painting and more like generating-any-excuse-to-get-the-paint-on-canvas. (Generally in big bright swathes.) Style excuses painting; it is the "logic" that makes this process seem rational, makes it "make sense" why there is a rainbow on the wall, some higher value to its spill.  (Somewhere along the way painting and art became valued for "what it says/means" rather than what it was, to confusion of everyone.) All paintings today are "process paintings" because the artist is the harbinger of "meaning" making their studio the factory of this imbuing meaning production. 

Feinstein might seem to making a joke of such, the theft of Conrad Marca-Relli or Sam Gilliam, Frankenthaler et al. would lend some critical air as parody perfume. But then.. they're just paintings stolen too. Now in Tide colors.

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