Thursday, March 24, 2022

Kennedy Morgan at Delaplane and Cushion Works


being a young lad looking at snowboard graphics and feeling something navel in the drawings sinuous metal hands. I hadn't yet seen Bellmer's liquid flesh. Or Giger's carapace sex. Ballard's cum drizzled chrome. Tactility is a strong force, bent and harnessed to express urges that only exist visually. Like Lozano's tool drawings for our more pornographically sensitive age. Through the glass of art we now conjure feeling. This is how pornography works. This is what Sontag argued against: "Pornography has a 'content' and is designed to make us connect (with disgust, desire) with content. It is a substitute for life. But art does not excite; or, if it does, the excitation is appeased, within the terms of the aesthetic experience." Current pornographic materialism indicates a shift in art; the overt identification with an object/image is useful means for accessing its viewer. Connected such that our higher faculties have no defenses against. This is not tasteful consideration at a distance but thrall of slumber, dreamed emissions, sick drawings.

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