Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Andro Wekua at Sprüth Magers

Andro Wekua at Spru?th Magers

As other artists predict the digital euphemizing of the body, Wekua’s re-tensions corporeality, hanging by threads of Narcissus's new glass pond. It’s both a romanticization of the body’s haptic analog in space - space that Wekua is so good at making uneasy - and, in young women’s endangerment, a slasher-flick mockery of it, the body.
Wekua re-updating the same threatening social moralism of horror movies and fairy tales, though the girl in the other room now riding triumphant over what originally made her a meal.

The spooky-ghost paintings are bad, acting as installation markers, nowhere near as stellar as Cathy Wilkes iron-dense versions.

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